These systems are real. If you haven't gone through the exercises, I would strongly recommend you doing so, even if you are already familiar with the systems, just to review some of the key points discussed.
  I have always had a major memory problem. Can you imagine working beside someone for a year and not being able to remember their name - that's me. For about three months I had problems remembering my wife's name before we got married! Over the years, I have learnt ways to compensate for these problems. My mother even bought me a book on memorization when I was about thirteen or fourteen. However, it's one thing knowing these systems and another actually applying them - I never really tried working with them and finally just gave up. I averaged about 40 -60% with my exams at high school; in other words, I failed half my tests. However, when I entered university years later, I applied these mnemonic techniques and ended up my first year in the top 10% of the school, with test scores averaging around the 90 -95% range, even though it required a lot less work!
     What I give away here may be sufficient for your studies or needs. But just one year after doing so well with the university courses, I failed a simple trade exam which covered the required regulations, as I was unable to remember the clause and subclauses or locations of the regulations. For my own studies as a Christian and a missionary (YWAM, Mercy Ships, OM, etc.), I wanted to memorize a lot of Bible verses, but again failed, especially when it came to the verse and chapter numbers. The Phonetic System works to a certain degree to differentiate chapter from verse or clause from subclause, etc in it's present state. The problem is that the system becomes complex very rapidly and quite messy when several books or studies are involved, especially when dealing with numbers. The same happens with the Loci System.
  The Bible is one of the most complicated books to memorize intensively, having 66 individual books, each book having its own chapter and verse numbers, and every topic cross-referenced within the New and Old Testaments. Consequently, there is much overlapping of information, making the Bible vastly more complicated than any encyclopedia. Over the past eight years, after extensive research from all around the world and a lot of trial and error, I firmly believe we have come up with the ideal methods for overcoming these problems for my studies. These system have been presented in a very intensive manner and require practice and exercise which are provided for, and with greater detail in the software/books package than is possible here.
    If you feel a little bit swapped right now - that was wasn't my intention. The package will most definitely help overcome this which you can purchase at minimal cost. The books, as well as this site itself, are an accumulation of many years of research .
We have put in literally thousands of hours into the research and development of this site.


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