The Utensils:

The Owner's Manual to the Brain

  The Owner’s Manual to the Brain is a set of three interactive books designed as a user-friendly guide to developing your own study and learning style. It is presented in Acrobat format and can be read on most computers when the free Acrobat Reader is installed. Each book comes in two versions, one for viewing on a computer screen, and one for printing. The screen version has additional rapid access buttons allowing rapid navigation within the books. This is especially handy in the Reference Work Book for searching/viewing Phonetic objects. The objects in turn can then be rapidly copied and pasted into your study notes.
Come, taste and see what the Owner’s Manual to the Brain has to offer!



Full Version


Quick Start 

Further Information



Systems Operational Guide

Further Information



Reference/Work Book

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Opening Your Mind to the Power of Learning & Recall

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