Owner's Manual to the Brain

Systems Operational Guide

  This book is part of the package of Owner's Manual to the Brain. This book has excellent reviews, with the foreword written by A.R.Hawkins, B.Sc., FRIC., FTC (Bethlehem College, Tauranga, New Zealand). This is the pinnacle of over eleven years of research and testing. This book gives you in-depth, step-by-step instructions for gaining study and learning techniques which can perfectly meet your own personal style of learning. A number of the systems presented here are totally unique, opening doors to amazing abilities of memorization and recall, leading into lifetime memorization.These systems overcome problems previously thought insurmountable, making them possibly the most powerful system that has ever been presented!
  These are not mystical, theoretical concepts. A series of practical exercises have been presented, each building on the concepts presented in the previous exercises, with the ultimate goal of enabling you to develop a system tailor made for yourself. In the two years since coming up with these systems, I have spent my spare time applying them to my own study and memorization of the Bible. I cannot see any reason why the average person using these systems cannot eventually memorize every verse in the Bible, or master any number of subjects which would otherwise be beyond their grasp. What other system can make that claim?

    It's all there - plus a lot more! - all on CD Disk for rapid access to all the information, with a number of other software programs included. There is also a download option.


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