Owner's Manual to the Brain

Reference/Work Book

   This book is part of the package of Owner's Manual to the Brain. Briefly put, this can be looked upon as a set of smaller, stand-alone books, each covering a particular subject, enabling you to access any piece of information or reference as rapidly as possible, with as many choices as possible within its range. This indispensable tool will help you put your studies together as quickly and as easily as possible.

                     The reference section contains the following:
Integer Phonetic Reference for the range of 1-100 has approx. 2500 choices.
Decimal Phonetic Reference for 110 decimals has approx. 1000 choices.
AlphaLoci System Reference has approx. 35 different buildings identified.
NuLoci System Reference has approx. 170 different buildings identified.

   Each “book” has a basic outline on the use of the systems and their references. An example of a quick reference for complex studies follows the references, (this one based on the Bible). Also included is an actual study example, plus worksheets which can be copied and reused.  

    It's all there - plus a lot more! - all on CD Disk for rapid access to all the information, with a number of other software programs included. There is also a download option.


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