Owner's Manual to the Brain

Quick Start


  This book is part of the package of Owner's Manual to the Brain. In this book we focus exclusively on basic, practical learning and memorisation techniques with a number of interactive tests/exercise. As the title implies, the purpose is to give you, the reader, enough tools to get started as quickly as possible on simple, basic studies.
   All that you find here is included in greater detail in the System’s Operational Guide, along with additional techniques, such as comprehensive instructions on my unique indexing system, designed to give virtually infinite recall abilities for studies that are more comprehensive or drawn-out.
My ultimate desire is that you will be able to glean from each system that which fits your own style and study needs, creating your own tailor-made system for significantly improving your memory and learning abilities.

   It's all there - plus a lot more! - all on CD Disk for rapid access to all the information, with a number of other software programs included. There is also a download option.


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