The emphasis is not Rote Memorization or Memory cards!

   Rote memorization has its uses and has been the most popular method used, probably due to the simplicity of the technique. There are many good programs based upon rote memorization - including free programs such as from What we teach is memorization and learning, which utilizes a number of methods. Rote memorization can be used, but our main emphasis is towards accurate, long term storage and retrieval of information which is impossible for rote memorization to provide. Rote memorization is good for short lists and for short term memorization, but information needs continuous revision or other action taken; beyond this and you start to get information overlapping other information and many other learning recall problems. The programs often used for rote memorization, as mentioned, are great for revision of any stored information, no matter what technique was used to store the information in the first place.

  One of the key methods we use involves tying triggers to the information (key elements that will fire off the information such as a Bible verse).  This in turn is tied to its own permanent memory location (which we all have in our minds) and, when cataloged through our system, provides the equivalent to a filing cabinet within your mind - there is nothing like it! This means being able to store huge amounts of information and keep track of it - in most cases, rapid memorization (significantly beyond what Rote can provide by itself), and a permanent ability to recall the information or verse. Consequently, we offer the most powerful system of its type you will find anywhere in the world. Unlike the simplicity of rote memorization, there is a learning curve to fully utilize these systems, but the advantages gained totally outweigh this disadvantage. Some of the major tools we emphasize are own unique version of mnemonics: thus the purpose of this site is to introduce you to mnemonics - to give you a taste.  


  In this section, you will find several exercises and tests. The first test is simply used as a comparison for you to determine your present memorization ability. I then guide you to the next page to receive instructions for an improvement technique, followed by the second test to verify the improvement and so forth throughout the exercises.



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  The techniques presented here are amazingly effective, and may be quite sufficient or your needs. However, there is a huge variety of techniques for learning and study, and no one technique can do it all - which is where so many failures have occurred. To cover everything in a manner that they truly deserve, I have written three interactive books, coupled to interactive exercises/tests, as well as some excellent downloadable Bible programs and other programs. There is also a presentation clearly demonstrating the uses -
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