Link/Loci System

  This system takes a natural step, combining the Link System with the Loci System and utilizing the advantages of both. In this system, the first “peg” is a room or an object found in the room. Tied in to this, is your first study/list object. This object then becomes the next peg to which you link the next study/list object and so on, up to approximately seven objects linked in a row (applying the principles of Chunking - this is expanded upon in my books.)
How well you utilize this method relates to your ability to use your imagination. There are no two ways about it - practice will bring great improvement. This takes us back to the importance of the Imagination Exercises I offer. The Link/Loci System opens the door to major memorization. When I originally tested people with these systems, I gave them a thirty-item list, and in a matter of approximately twenty minutes, I taught them this system and retested them. The average improvement was between 200 - 400%! I encourage you to have someone write up a couple of thirty-item lists and practice using the Link/Loci System. This system is easy to combine with other techniques, such as the Phonetic System, which we will examine next.



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