Loci System

The Loci System is a powerful memorization system which can be traced back over 2500 years to the ancient Greeks, and has a number of variations, such as the Roman Room System and the Journey System. For simplicity I have combined them all under the heading of the Loci System.
The Loci System uses buildings or locations as the pegs to which the information is tied, so as you travel through a building, the first item on a list is tied into the first “scene” or piece of furnishing you come across, and so on with the rest of the list. There are many advantages to the system, such as being able to break a study down into subcategories by dividing the study between the rooms in a building or location. The main advantage is the permanence of the memory. Most people have an accurate recall of key locations, such as the home they were brought up in or the schools they went to, even late into life. In fact, there can be thousands of these memories for a single person. With practice, innumerable pieces of information can be tied into a single location to be accurately recalled years later. No other system by itself can offer these advantages - why else is it still in use after so many years?



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