Test 2a

The goal here is to interlink the number peg with the corresponding item or items on the list. To start, I would suggest using the Picture Peg System simply because alphabetically “P” for picture comes before “R” for rhyme and therefore suggested for the first set of items ( finding a significance or creating one where none may really exist, is in itself a powerful memory technique). Do the same if you are using the 40 item list, but note how the numbered items are grouped to the peg (carefully look at how they are grouped within each set. Hoizontally the items are linked in order to the single peg in that row (eg link items 1 and 11 both to the picture peg “power pole” ) - see also the example). Each story in the 40 item list sequence should occur, starting from the peg (power pole) to the first item (item 1) and then to the next item (item 11). Try having them interact with each other in an exaggerated scene. For instance,imagine the third peg - the handcuffs - is actually hot bread shaped like handcuffs with sesame seeds sprinkled all over it - look at its golden color, smell the aroma of the bread (remember to use your senses), feel the warmth. Again think of what is significant or different, and amplify it. For instance the the 9th item, the Swiss bee. What would separates a Swiss bee from an American bee, or what do you think of when you think of Switzerland - maybe cuckoo clocks - mechanical windup clocks. So how about a mechanical windup bee. Unfortunately the bee doesn’t fly too well, so tie the 9th peg to the picture of a balloon, which is used to help the bee fly.1) Timing yourself for the same length of time you gave yourself on the first lists, read through and try to memorize the following in order.
For the 40 item list, we have created a set of stories to help you to get used to these systems. You can use these, but of course it will be more memorable if you create your own.


20 Item List
Picture Peg System 

 1st Item Set

  Rhyming Peg System

2nd Item Set

1= power pole Seaside  1= sun 11  Sighted
2= Swan Assassin  2= shoe 12  Stain
3= handcuffs Sesame  3= tree 13 Wisdom 
4= sail 4 Saucer  4= war 14  Steer
5= hook Oasis well  5= hive 15  Stool
6= golf club Sausage  6= sticks 16  Stash
7= boomerang Sea sick  7= heaven 17  Haystack
8= egg-timer Ice safe  8= gate 18  Stiff 
9= balloon Swiss bee   9= vine 19  Housetop 
10= fatty & skinny 10  Hostess   10= hen 20  Sins

40 Items List (2 sets of 20 Items)

 Picture Peg 

1st  Set of 20 Items


 Rhyming Peg

2nd  Set of 20 Items

 0= hoop 0 ice 10 daisy  0= hero 20 noose  30 mice
 1= power pole  1 tea 11 tooth  1= sun 21 wind  31  meat
 2= swan 2 hyena 12  tune  2= shoe 22 nun  32  man
 3= handcuffs 3 ham 13 time  3= tree 23 enemy 33  mummy
 4= sail 4 rye 14 deer  4= war 24 nero 34 marry
 5= hook 5 hole 15 tail  5= hive 25 nile 35  mall
 6= golf club 6 ash 16 Dodge  6= sticks 26 notch 36  image
 7= boomerang 7 egg 17 deck  7= heaven 27 hanky  37 muck
 8= egg-timer 8 hoof  18 dive  8= gate 28  navy 38  muff 
 9= balloon 9 pea  19  tube  9= vine 29 nap  39  mop 

For the 40 item list, we have created a set of stories to help you to get used to these systems. You can use these, but of course it will be more memorable if you create your own:

Peg /Link List Stories

 0 - 19, Picture Peg System

0) 0/10 Picture a hula hoop (0) made of ice, with a big daisy growing in the middle of it.

1) 1/11 There's a power pole, with a great big cup of tea balanced on top. You're about to take a sip when you realize that someone's tooth has fallen into it.

2) 2/12 Imagine a swan riding on the back of a hyena, humming a popular tune.

3) 3/13 A pair of handcuffs are chaining a ham to a grandfather clock (symbolizing time).

4) 4/14 A sailboat is sailing through a field of rye, pulled by a deer.

5) 5/15 You lower a hook down a hole, and pull up an animal's tail.

6) 6/16 Someone is hitting a golf club into a pile of ash, throwing it into the air, so that it comes down all over an old Dodge car.

7) 7/17 Someone has thrown a boomerang, and it has smashed into an egg, splattering it all across the deck.

8) 8/18 Picture a huge hourglass, but instead of sand, it's full of hooves. Now at the top, there's a platform from which someone is diving.

9) 9/19 You're high up in a hot air balloon, rolling peas down a tube to the people below. (Get a life!)


20-39, Rhyme Peg System

0) 20/30 A hero is proudly holding up a noose, with which he caught several Mice.

1) 21/31 The sun is blowing a hot wind at a big slab of meat, cooking it thoroughly.

2) 22/32 A huge shoe is about to squash a nun, when a man rushes to her rescue.

3) 23/33 Peering up into a tree, you see an enemy trying to hide in the branches. He jumps onto the mummy as it passes beneath him.

4) 24/34 A war is raging. in the midst of it all, you see Nero down on his knees, asking a girl to marry him.

5) 25/35 Imagine a giant beehive. Flowing out from it is the Nile river, right through the middle of a shopping mall!

6) 26/36 Picture a pile of sticks, covered with notches that form a strange image.

7) 27/37 You arrive in Heaven and are suddenly very conscious of your appearance. So you take your hanky to wipe off the muck.

8) 28/38 Coming through your gate is the whole Navy! The admiral steps forward and gives you a warm, furry muff in which to put your hands.

9) 29/39 A vine has grown over your bed. You lie down on it anyway, and take a nap with your favorite mop.

Please Note: All these lists throughout have come from my reference book, correlating directly to the number for integer or decimal selection, so the lists have not been "setup" or adjusted for a certain score. When you learn about the Phonetic System, refer back to these; they can be used as a quick reference.




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