Peg and Link Systems

 A simple indication of the potential of mnemonic systems can be seen in what are often considered "Kids' Systems," or gimmicks and party tricks. In some ways, the "Peg Systems" are just that! Even so, the Peg Systems are ideal for demonstrating the amazing abilities within the brain we can easily tap into.

  The “Rhyming Peg System”, as the name indicates, uses a rhyming image which represents each number such as 1 sun, 2 shoe, 3 tree and so on to 10. Therefore sun, shoe etc. not only form a solid image for each number, but through the use of rhyming, act as an information trigger and backup to the peg itself..
  The “Picture Peg System” is the same as the Rhyme Peg System except that instead of rhyming the numbers, an image is created from the appearance of the numbers up to ten. So number one looks like a power pole, number two a swan, and so on.

   Peg Systems:
Picture Peg System    Rhyming Peg System
  0= hula hoop   0= hero
  1= power pole   1= sun
  2= Swan   2= shoe
  3= handcuffs   3= tree
  4= sail   4= war
  5= butcher’s hook   5= hive
  6= golf club   6= sticks
  7= boomerang   7= heaven
  8= egg timer   8= gate
  9= balloon   9= vine
 10= fatty & skinny  10= hen

  The Link System, if you can call it a system, is simply the technique of linking information together or tying it to a peg. This is accomplished by creating visual stories, so that information and related objects interact via pegs or other mnemonic devices, as described later. The sun in the Rhyming Peg System represents “1” which in turn can be linked to the first item in a grocery list, a key item from a study, or to any other information.
  Take a shopping list with bread as the first item on the list. Using the Rhyming Peg System, bread could be pictured being burnt to toast by a huge, hot sun, sun representing “1,” or the first item on the list. We do the same for each item in the list, linking them to the matching number/peg. The stories need not be extensive, but are often best if kept simple. Make the images weird, exaggerate the situation, and the link becomes more memorable. It is also important to have the objects interact together. To recall, you can pick any number, in any order with its associated imagine. (1 = sun) to trigger back the linked image (bread).



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